Our Timeline

January 2001:  Roo and I meet in the parish hall of the Unitarian Church.  She offers me a ride home and I blush.  Within two weeks we are dating.

July 2006: We get married.  It is an amazing, fabulous, wonderful day.  It’s not legally recognized, but we don’t let that stop us from making a commitment to each other.  The reception is at a state park and includes a slip and slide.

Fall 2007: We start thinking more seriously about having a baby.  We had always assumed Roo would go first, but as we get closer to doing this for real she starts to reconsider.  I realize that I think it could be kind of cool to be pregnant (in a weird, my-body-as-science-experiment sort of way).  So we decide that I’ll try first.

January 2008:  We meet with Dr. A.

March 2008:  IUI #1, BFN

April 2008: IUI #2, BFP!!

December 2008:  Tadpole is born!!!!!!

June 2011: After many months of searching, I finally get a new job which will give us the necessary additional income to start TTC for kiddo #2.  Roo is anxious but excited to be the one we’re trying to get knocked up.  We go back to Dr. A.

October 2011: IUI #1, chemical pregnancy.

November 2011: IUI #2, BFN

December 2011: Take a month off

January 2012: IUI #3, BFN

February 2012: IUI #4, BFN

March-June 2012: Take a break to save our money and energy for Roo’s sabatical trip to Italy.  We start to check off the long list of tests required by Big Scary Fertility Center.

June 2012: Our 10-day trip to Italy!

August 2012: We finish the last of the required tests which include multiple uncomfortable and/or painful procedures.  Roo is first told that she has polyps and will need an operation and then that she suddenly seems to not have polyps.  Cue lots of frustration and confusion.

September 2012: IUI #5, with BSFC, BFN

October 2012: IUI #6, with BSFC, BFN

November & December 2012: time off from TTC while we consider our next steps.  Consider IVF but decide against it.

January 2013: IUI #7, with BSFC, BFN.  Roo decides she is done with the poking and prodding and early-morning appointments.  We decide to switch to trying with me.

February 2013:  I complete HSG and other required tests.

March 2013:  IUI (Not sure how to number this one.  #8 since it’s our 8th attempt for a second kid?  #3 since it’s my third one ever?  #1 since it’s the first time with our new plan?). BFP!!!

November 2013: Sprout is born at 37 1/2 weeks. Hooray!

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