Happy Birthday, Sprout!

Sprout turned one year old today.  It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since her precipitous arrival 2 1/2 weeks before my due date and 28 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  I feel like she should still be a tiny baby, but every day she is showing us more evidence that she is becoming a toddler.

She took her first independent steps last week.  She practices standing up All The Time, especially in really unhelpful situations like when she’s in her high chair.  She’s crazy about animals.  She loves Tad’s stuffed animals (especially his lemur, which is twice as tall as she is), books with pictures of animals, and real dogs who we see on walks.  She’s also crazy about these tiny duck magnets that are on our microwave (perfectly horrible choking hazards, so of course she loves them!).  She is finding lots of ways to communicate her wants and needs, including a few words (one of which is “duck”!).

We had a small party for extended family and a few friends on Saturday, so tonight was just our little family of four.  Dinner included the mix of joy and chaos and exhaustion that is our life now.  Between Sprout standing up in her high chair, Tadpole being put in time out for bopping his sister on the head, and Roo and I hopping up to get seconds of different dishes, I don’t think we were all sitting at the table together for more than 30 seconds.  But in those 30 seconds Tadpole said, “Thank you for Sprout and for making the whole wonderful world” as part of our before-dinner “thank yous”.  And in the midst of the chaos, Roo and I stole a few moments to hug each other and to thank the other for the hard work she did 365 days ago.  After dinner, Tadpole “helped” Sprout open her presents from us.  Sprout grinned at the stuffed dog Roo had bought for her, reached for it, and bit its nose decisively yet affectionately.  We flipped through the book with pictures of animals that I had bought, and Tad read it to Sprout until she decided to carry it off and try to look at it (and chew on it) by herself.

Here’s to another year of our boisterous menagerie. Happy birthday, Sprout!





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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Sprout!

  1. Whoa, really? Happy birthday Sprout! May your next year be full of many more joyful moments and plenty of tasty books and animals.

  2. Wow, that year flew by! Happy Birthday, little one!

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