End-of-summer update

Sorry for disappearing there.  It has been a crazy month.  We were out of town for two week-long trips and one weekend trip in the last four weeks.  First was our annual week at the beach with Roo’s family (posts about previous years here and here).  Then a weekend trip to New England for my cousin’s wedding.  And then we spent a week at my parents’ cabin on a lake in New England.

We just got back from that trip last Sunday.   A co-worker asked me when I returned to work if it had been relaxing, and I found myself laughing in her face.  I’m glad we went, but it was definitely not relaxing.  Balancing everyone’s needs was hard work–Tadpole has lots of energy and does best when we are out and about a lot, but Sprout does best when we’re home for her naps.  And Roo and I prefer to have some downtime to do things like lie in the hammock and read, but it’s hard to find time for that.  The cabin is lovely but rustic and not at all baby-proofed, so it was hard to put the newly-mobile baby down anywhere.  A week with a wiggly newly-mobile baby who cannot be easily put down is not a relaxing week.  And then there was the bit where Sprout woke up at 5am almost every morning, (and usually woke up her brother as well).

However, it’s a beautiful area, and we had some great adventures.  We went swimming almost every day and used multiple boats (motor boat, kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard).  Tadpole made friends with all of the people staying in neighboring cabins, learned to drive the motorboat, and became a more confident swimmer.  Sprout discovered that she hates her life jacket but made lots of friends with strangers on the airplane.  Roo read a lot and fit in a lot of swimming.  I got to see an aunt and cousin who I haven’t seen in years and jump off a rope swing.

Now we have a somewhat-gradual transition back to our school-year schedule.  This week Roo scrambled to get her classroom set up amid a hectic meeting schedule and Sprout started back at daycare.  Tadpole was at camp this week, and then he starts kindergarten on Monday!  For some individual updates:


Her hair is now several inches long, and it still sticks straight up!  Our baby has changed from a mellow, go-with-the-flow newborn to a spunky, determined almost-nine-month old.  She insists on feeding herself, and completely refuses any baby food purees.  As in will not open her mouth and even grabs the spoon and forces it away.  She has started crawling for real, and pulling herself up and even climbed up a few steps the other day.  Her stubbornness plus her motor skills plus the fact that we haven’t really started baby-proofing mean that we’re in so much trouble!!! She has also developed some separation anxiety.  On the one hand, it’s nice to feel like we are special to her, and that she notices when we’re gone.  On the other hand, this coincides with her returning to the daycare where she hasn’t been in two+ months, so the timing is not ideal.


Tadpole continues to be alternately charming (like when he climbs onto my lap and snuggles in to read a book, or when he sings lullabies to his sister) and smart (he was keeping score during a game the other day and correctly added up 100+100+100+5+5 in his head) and infuriating (like when he licked the baby right after I asked him not to lick the baby).  He has recently become an entrepreneur; he has been going door-to-door selling his crayon drawings to our neighbors both at the cabin and at home.

I am excited and nervous about his transition to kindergarten.  He tends to go through a phase of testing limits whenever he starts in a new place.  I hope his teacher is able to set firm limits with him (which usually helps him settle down), and I want her to still love him even if they get off to a rocky start.  His teacher last year did a fabulous job with both of these things, but the one the year before really didn’t.  Fingers crossed.


Roo is getting ready for another school year.  She’s at the same school where she’s been for a number of years, but taking on a few new challenges this time around.


I’m doing well.   My not-so-new job has been frustrating lately.  I continue to really like my co-workers, and the sessions that I have with clients have felt productive.  But I’ve also had a huge number of clients not showing up for their appointments lately.  I’m trying to remember that my clients have been assigned to this particular program because their lives are crazy and chaotic and they aren’t good at showing up for any kind of appointment.  But it still makes it hard to feel excited about coming to work some days.

I’m sad about the end of summer and of the more relaxed schedule that we’ve been able to have.  I’m not looking forward to hurried mornings and to not having time in the evenings for more than cleaning the house and packing all of our lunches. But I am excited about things settling down a little bit.  I haven’t gone running or to the climbing gym in several weeks, and haven’t been able to make many plans with friends because of all of our traveling.  So I’m looking forward to getting back into all of those things.  And I really like our regular old every-day life–early-morning snuggles with our fuzzy-duckling baby, bedtimes with the big grown-up boy, Friday night dinners out and Sunday evening dinners at home.

So that’s the news from here.  How are you?  Does your life change with the new school year?  How is that transition going in your family?


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