These days

When Tad starts at his new school in the fall in the fall (long post on that hopefully coming shortly), it will be the last big transition for our family for the foreseeable future (knock on wood!).  There is less fodder for blog posts without the drama of the TTC process, losing my job and looking for a new one, and welcoming a new baby.  But I hope to still use this space to help me be present to the life I have now, the one that I’ve been working towards for so long.  

Roo is off for the summer, which means things can slow down a little.  Mornings are less hectic since we don’t have to all be out of the house by 7:30, and we’re all home by 4:30 most weeknights.  Last night Roo was at a meeting, leaving me home with the kids.  After dinner, Tadpole spent a long time working on turning a toy car, scotch tape and some cups in to a “garbage truck”, while Sprout made use of her new army-crawling skills to investigate every corner of the playroom (and locate every choking hazard on the floor).  We also spent some time on the front porch in the unseasonably-cool weather.  Sprout and I rocked on the porch swing, and she stared intently at each car that went past.  Tad served me many cups of imaginary tea while discussing all he learned about animals at camp that day.  At bath time, Sprout giggled every time she looked up and saw Tad.

Every day isn’t like this, but I want to hold onto the ones that are. 




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3 responses to “These days

  1. I sometimes wonder if blogging is like photographing–capturing and recording is one way of savoring the present moments, but so is putting down the camera and just being in them. Tough balance. Regardless, I’m glad you’re still planning to blog.

  2. I need that school post NOW – Monkey is starting school on Monday (as in, 3 days time) and I am totally freaking out. I think I may camp in the parking lot for the first month just in case!

    But seriously – keep blogging. I like reading about the everyday moments, and this one? Its beautiful.

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