By the numbers

It has been a long time, and I’m not sure where to start in catching up.

Since my last post:

Number of Christmas celebrations with various combinations of family members: 4

Number of birthday parties for Tadpole: 2 (a small one for family on his actual birthday and a larger one for friends later on)

Number of days Tadpole’s school was closed (a combination of winter break and snow days): 10

The story of last week:

Number of doctor appointments for members of my family: 6

Number of trips to the pharmacy over 8 days: 9

Number of diagnoses: 4 (colds for all four of us, conjunctivitis for Roo and Sprout, thrush for me and Sprout, bronchitis for Roo)

Number of mysteriously inactive health insurance policies: 1 (Sprout’s)

The story of this week:

Number of days Roo has now been back at work: 5

Number of pipes in our house that were frozen on Tuesday: 3

Number of hours of using a space heater in our crawlspace and number of hours of using a hair drier under the sink that it took to unfreeze the pipes: 5, 3

Number of pipes that burst after being frozen for many hours: 0 (thankyouthankyouthankyou!)

There were some rough days in there.  I kept thinking, “okay, we can make this work as long as I don’t have to deal with one more thing.”  And then one more thing would happen.  Fortunately, we’re a bit better today.  I got a total of 7 hours of sleep last night (in several different chunks), and that makes everything feel more manageable.  Everyone seems to be getting over their various ailments with the unfortunate exception of me and my thrush.  I’m on a second course of  diflucan, plus a cream, plus Sprout is on an oral med.  Some days I think things are almost all better and I can nurse with almost no pain, but other days there’s toe-curling, can’t-scream-because-it-will-scare-the-baby pain.  I’m supposed to call the midwives back on Monday if things haven’t improved.  I don’t know what they’ll do at that point, but I hope there’s another plan because I’m really tired of this.  I’m tired of the pain, but also tired of having to be on top of various medications and tired of the incessant hand washing and pump parts washing and bra washing.

Roo started back at work on Monday, and that has been hard on all of us.  She misses being home, and I miss having her here.  Plus we were just barely getting done everything that needed to be done around the house before she went back.  Now she needs to get enough hours of sleep to function at work, and there are many hours a day when she is not available to do things here.   We’re finding that we have to re-negotiate who is responsible for what around the house, which can be tough when we’re both feeling like we’re doing all that we can possibly do.  I remember this feeling from when Tadpole was little–that there are all of the things that I think I can manage when working really hard, and all of the things Roo thinks she can manage when working really hard….but there are still things leftover that need to be done but that neither of us feels able to do.

Tadpole is back at school.  I think it’s helpful to him to be back in his usual routine, and in a familiar place where not much has changed since the arrival of his sister.  His teacher commented the other day that he has been weepy lately, bursting into tears about things that don’t seem to be a big deal.  We’ve noticed this at home too.  It’s a big change for our usually even-keeled kid.  I feel sad about it, and wish that there were a way to make the adjustment to big brotherhood painless for him.  But I also think it’s a pretty normal reaction, and we’re doing all we can to make space for him to talk about his complicated feelings about his moms being less available.

There’s more I’d like to say about job-hunting, about breastfeeding and more. But I probably ought to just hit publish now, and try to get to the rest another day.  Apologies for not commenting more.  I’m following all of your blogs, but mostly while feeding the baby, and it’s hard to type then.  Thinking of you all, and hoping for many good things (including lots of healthy babies!) in the new year.



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5 responses to “By the numbers

  1. Wow, that’s an awful lot on your plate. It sounds like you’ve weathered the worst of it and I’ll be sending good vibes that the midwives have a plan on Monday if things don’t improve. Hang in there!

  2. First of all, no apologies needed for not commenting more — you have a lot going on! So sorry about the all the illness. It’s the worst. Hoping the thrush resolves soon — I remember that Uno dealt with it and it was awful, but in my memory it did resolve fairly quickly. Glad you got more rest; isn’t it the absolute key to everything?? Take care of yourselves! Don’t worry about the stuff that can’t get done, if that’s possible. I tell myself that all the time and sometimes it works.

  3. Nice post, Chica! Thanks for not writing, “Roo has been a bit temperamental lately. I think she’s going crazy.”

  4. Oh no! THRUSH!!!! I’m so sorry. As you know, I have been there. I’m actually still there, as it has flaired again. I’ve had it, to some degree, for 10 WEEKS! Thrush sucks. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that on top of all that other stuff. Man, what a hard couple of weeks. I hope all is better soon, especially the thrush.

  5. Nice to hear from you 🙂 There is ALWAYS more to do; relax, enjoy the time and love each other. Hope you all feel better soon!

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