We’ve had more crappy news in the job/$$ department, and I’m working on a post about that.

But tonight I am grateful for Sprout.  We went to the annual potluck at Tapole’s preschool this evening.  Two years ago when we went to this event, we had just found out that our first attempts at TTC #2 had resulted in a chemical pregnancy.  You know where a really crappy place to be is when you’re feeling sad about not being pregnant?–a preschool family potluck!  They tend to be full of adorable babies and moms who are pregnant with their second (or third or…) kid.

Last year at the potluck we sat with one of Tad’s classmate’s families who had an adorably-chunky several-month-old baby.  Roo and I both got a turn to hold her, which was delicious but also sad, since we still had no idea when or if we would have our own.

But this year I was one of the pregnant women, chatting with other parents about due dates and baby clothes.  I wondered if there were any families there this year for whom the event was hard.  Given that there were dozens of families in the room, there probably were.  I hope that all of those families find their way to the family size that feels right to them, even if (like us), the path to get there isn’t the one they had imagined.



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2 responses to “Anniversaries

  1. Esperanza

    Isn’t it amazing how good it feels to be in a place where you once felt your infertility very acutely and now you are in that same place again but you no longer feel that horrible longing? I had a similar experience this weekend, being at a children’s museum where all the pregnancy mamas with toddlers in tow used to send me home crying. I never went when I was pregnant myself, but being there with my preschooler and my newborn felt so, so GOOD. It was a really special moment for me, one where I finally felt like I had really arrived.

  2. “OOF!” for 2011 you and Roo. What a journey it’s been!

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