Happy Halloween!

So a few months ago Tadpole was the Tin Man in a little Wizard of Oz skit that his class did at school.  He got to take home the costume (complete with aluminum pie plate as a hat), and we thought we were all set for Halloween.  Then, a few weeks ago, whenever anyone asked him what he was going to be for Halloween, he answered, “Batman!”  We didn’t have a Batman costume, and I wasn’t sure I was up for making one.  After some negotiation he agreed to be a bat if Roo and I would also wear costumes so we could be “a family of bats.”  I found a super-easy pattern for bat wings online, bought some black fleece fabric (no hemming!), and we were all set.  Tad also happened to be at a nature program about bats a little while ago, where he had colored in a paper bat face and attached it to popsicle sticks to make a mask, so he added that to the ensemble.

The lucky kid has had a fabulous Halloween with multiple celebrations, lots of chances to wear his costume, and far too much sugar .  Last weekend our neighborhood did an adorable Halloween parade, which involved decorating bikes and strollers with streamers and then walking up and down one block of a street.  Today, Tadpole had another “parade,” this one at school, which involved the kids all walking in a circle around the playground two times.  He seemed to take it very seriously, and spent much of the time solemnly flapping his wings.  This afternoon he went to Roo’s school (where our nieces are in 1st and 2nd grade), and he got to go to both of his cousins’ class Halloween parties.

And then tonight we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, which was also lots of fun.  I’ve mentioned before that I love our neighborhood, and tonight reminded me of some of the reasons why.  There were lots of kids and families out tonight, and many friendly neighbors handing out candy.

Some other things that I love:

  •  I love that we know most of the folks who live on our block.  Tonight they greeted Tad by name, admired his costume, and asked about Sprout.
  • I also love that we have a number of friends or acquaintances within a several-block radius.  There’s a former co-worker of mine with a nine-year-old son who is very sweet with Tad.  And several families with kids near Tad’s age who we know from neighborhood events or chatting at the playground.  Tonight we met up with a co-worker of Roo’s who lives close by and went trick-or-treating with her and her family.  Tad took very seriously his responsibility to teach A, her two-year-old son, “about how to trick-or-treat.”
  • At one of the first houses, Tad said, “I will hold my mask up when I go to the door.  Maybe they will think I am a real bat!”  I love that at almost-five he completely believed that a neighbor would mistake a boy holding a paper-and-popsicle-stick mask up to his face for a real bat.
  • I love that Tadpole is old enough to be excited about trick-or-treating but still young enough to let us come with him.  Life with an almost-five-year-old and a baby on the way is exhausting and overwhelming but oh so sweet.


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5 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I’m sure you were all very believable bats!

    Handing out candy last night, I realized how much I’m looking forward to having a kid to take trick or treating. Bingo will be less than a year next Halloween, but you better believe that s/he will be going out!

  2. So glad that you had so much fun! It sounds like you handled the costume snafu well!! 🙂

  3. Esperanza

    I’m jealous of all the close-by friends you have and the fact that people in your neighborhood know you. That sounds so awesome. I hope we can have that some day.

  4. Catching up. Love the bat comment! Clem’s great fear this Halloween was people in masks, so there’s definitely someone out there who would have been fooled!

  5. What a great halloween story — the bat family!

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