It was a crazy weekend.  We spent most of Sunday rearranging what felt like half of the furniture in our home.  Our house has three bedrooms–Tadpole’s, Roo’s and mine, and the room that has been Roo’s art studio (and also held my crafting supplies and an exercise bike).  For a variety of reasons, it makes sense for Tad to have the studio space, and for Sprout to have the room that was his bedroom.  So we had to move Roo’s studio stuff into our basement, Tadpole’s bedroom furniture into the former studio, and Sprout’s crib, changing table, etc from the basement to Tad’s old room.  Fortunately, Roo recruited two of the maintenance people from her work to help with some of the lifting and carrying.

Roo and I are still exhausted, and we’ve been realizing that it’s not just from the zillions of trips that we’ve made up and down the basement steps.  The whole moving process also brought with it a huge list of different emotions that we’re only now having a chance to sort through:

  • Relief at having the furniture-moving project crossed off of the pre-baby to-do list.  There’s still quite a bit left to do–Sprout’s room is currently full of a lot of odds and ends that need to find new homes, and we need to acquire a few major things (including a new dresser for Tad).  But compared to the big move those all feel manageable.
  • Terror and delight at the idea of the smallest bedroom holding a baby again.  I have so many memories of sitting in the glider in that room holding baby Tad.  Some were moments of cozy bliss, and others were times when I was completely overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.
  • Bittersweetness about Tad growing up.  Roo peeked at him after he was asleep tonight and remarked that somehow he looks even bigger in a bigger room.
  • Fear of losing parts of our not-just-parent selves now that they don’t have a formal space in the main floors of our house.  What does it mean that our exercise bike, Roo’s art supplies and my craft supplies are all now in our unfinished basement?  This is a tough one for both of us.
  • Joy and excitement that we’re finally going to meet this new little person.  The fact that she has a crib and a room of her own makes it all feel more real.  We’ve been waiting for more than two years to add another child to our family, and we’re getting so close to finally seeing it become a reality!

I feel like lots of my recent posts have been about feeling All The Feelings, but I guess that’s where I am right now.  This is a major life transition so it makes sense that there would be excitement and fear and sadness and joy about all that it may entail.



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5 responses to “Changes

  1. Esperanza

    Wow. That is a lot of changes. I HATE moving furniture around so I feel relief for you that it’s over. That must be a huge weight off your shoulders.

    I know what you mean about feeling ALL THE FEEINGS. I’ve been doing a lot of that myself these days. 😉

  2. Living in a small apartment means lots of those non-parent things are gone (or in off-site storage) now. I am a writer with no desk. Sugar has a very limited amount of painting supplies — and the hiding place that has worked for them has recently been breeched by the Bean. It’s tough. I don’t like it: it’s one of the things that makes us want to leave the city, frankly. I hope having your things still in the actual house will mean less loss for you both. Can you use them in the basement, or are they effectively squirreled away?

  3. What I meant to say: I am trying to think of this radically less-productive period of having small children as a strange but time-limited experience, like going to college or grad school. I scarcely read for pleasure, for instance, while in college, but I could still read once I was done. If that makes any kind of sense.

  4. e10stix

    These same questions are circling around our heads too, as we combined the “guestroom” with “our offices” (the latter was combined for Izzy’s room several years ago). Our adult-outlets dont require “space” in our home but they do required night /community meetings several nights per week. Trying to balance that with a tired pregnant wife has been a challenge, but will be even more so with an infant, but like bionic said, we are trying to think of this as a hiatus/maternity leave.

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