We met with Tad’s teacher for this year last Wednesday.  She seems really good.  She a) has a ton of experience with preschoolers,  b) seems to really like our kid, c) is unphazed by his occasional challenging behaviors and d) has some ideas about how to handle the behaviors if they get too out-of-control.  Since none of the above were true of his teacher from last year, we are optimistic that this school year will be a good one for him and for us.

We asked the teacher her opinion about how to handle Fridays.  Her response was that she totally understood why I would want that Friday time, and it would be fine if we continued with it.  But she’s also happy to have him at school for some or all of the day.  Roo and I had decided before the meeting that the best choice for us right now is for Tad to go to school for a half day on Fridays, so the teacher’s lack of opinion on the matter didn’t help us make up our minds.  But it was actually reassuring to me that she is fine with whatever we choose, because I feel like we’re not stuck with the current plan.  We’ll try it for now, and see how it feels.

Last week it felt pretty good.  I took Tad to school in the morning, and then enjoyed (?) a trip to Tar.get that did not involve chasing a wandering kid or arguing with said kid about whether or not he would sit in the cart.  And then I came home and took a delicious hour-long nap!  I went to Tad’s school for lunch and ate with him, which was great fun.  Tadpole seemed tickled to have me there.  I sat in a tiny chair and laughed as his friends pretended that the pieces of pasta they had on their fingers were fingernails and they were therefore eating fingernails…hahahaha.  Four-year-old humor….  I am very fond of several of Tad’s classmates (most of whom we know after two years at this small school).  Plus, I feel like I have very little information about what Tad’s life is like during the many hours a week that he spends at school, so it was great to get a glimpse into his world there.   We went out for ice cream afterwards, and then took advantage of the beautiful weather by taking a trip to a big playground nearby.

Overall, it was a good Friday.  It was a little frustrating to spend the morning checking my watch, and to have a relatively short chunk of time in the afternoon (compared to our previous completely unscheduled days).  But it was also nice to have a balance of time to do things for me and time to hang out with my silly boy.

He has settled down a bit from the crazy power struggles of a few months ago, which makes him a much more fun person to hang out with.  One of my favorite recent developments is that about 3/4 of Tadpole’s sentences these days begin, “when I am bigger I will invent…”  A few of his recent ideas include:

  • “a parrot that can wave its wing to say hello”  (complete with arm-flapping to demonstrate)
  • (on a chilly morning) “a gun that doesn’t hurt people but just blows hot air on them to make them warmer.”
  • “a baby that’s born as a regular baby but when it grows up it is a tin man.”
  • “a snake that understands people language so I can say, ‘don’t bite,’ and he won’t bite.  And a snake that can jump so it can jump up and eat mosquitoes.  And in his stomach there will be toys for the mosquitoes to play with.”

What a silly kid!



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4 responses to “Inventions

  1. E

    Amazing, I love the idea of a mosquito eating, toy-filled snake!

  2. Those inventions seriously just made my entire week. I love them. What a genius that little one of yours is. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Those are amazing inventions. I’m definitely buying stock in the snake.

  4. HA HA! I love the inventions!

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