Looking up

The spotting stopped around the time of my last post, but it still felt like a very long 10 days between that time and my neuchal translucency ultrasound yesterday. There hasn’t been much else that feels worth reporting. I continue to feel nauseated (I know it’s the gramatically correct word–but the word itself makes me feel a little queasy) sick. No actual vomiting (thanks, Zofran!), but lots of misery.

And of course lots of continued anxiety, despite the fact that continuing to feel so crappy was a good sign. It felt like the ultrasound yesterday, at 12w1d, was one last hurdle to clear before we could breathe a sigh of relief (no guarantees, I know, but really good odds of a good outcome if things looked good at that point). But making this into “the final frontier” meant it also felt like there was a lot riding on this.

The appointment was early (7:30am), so I had a rushed breakfast with Tad, over which he not-so-helpfully asked a series of questions, including “what happens if the baby’s heart isn’t beating fast enough.” As I sat in the waiting room at the schnazzy imaging center an hour later, I realized I was spacy in a way that usually lets me know that working really hard not to notice some emotion (picture a little kid with fingers in her ears going, “lalalalala I can’t hear you”). Logically I knew that the odds were in our favor, but I was really worried about what the ultrasound would reveal. After filling out reams of paperwork I was finally called back by a sweet and chatty ultrasound tech. When she asked about complications I mentioned the spotting, and she talked about having spotting during an otherwise perfectly healthy pregnancy and being so upset she spent a lot of time crying at work.  The tech found Sprout quickly and I got a glance at the flicker in his/her middle while she started measuring things. Finally she got to the heartbeat and played the “whoosh-whoosh-whoosh” for me. Best sound in the world! The tech noticed that I was tearing up and said, “oh, I should’ve known you’d want to see that part first with the spotting and all.” Well yes, that would have been nice but was rather beside the point at that point.

Sprout was measuring just right at 12w2d. And the tech pointed out two arms, two legs, a nasal bone, a two-lobed brain, the bladder (which she said meant the kidneys are working), and the stomach. It was amazing! We didn’t do an NT scan with Tad, so I hadn’t known what to expect–it was fascinating how much they could see on a 5-centimeter-long fetus, and amazing how much of Sprout is already there.   

The next part was less fun as there followed lots of confusion about the bloodwork piece of the NT scan–whether it had or hadn’t already been done at my doctor’s office, which lab was in-network for my insurance, etc. They finally determined that it hadn’t yet been done so I waited a while longer before finally getting that part taken care of.

I didn’t get the results of the scan yesterday because they have to combine the ultrasound results with the bloodwork. But the tech seemed pleased with everything that she did see. Also, I happened to remember the measurement what she’d recorded for the neuchal translucency and some googling today revealed it to be smack dab in the middle of normal.

On the way out they had me schedule my 20 week anatomy scan.  Like they assume that this pregnancy will just keep chugging along and I’ll be back in 8 weeks to see more amazing pictures.  This is starting to feel a lot more real! I’ve gotten in the habit of prefacing every thought about the baby with some sort of disclaimer–“if we get that far,” “if nothing bad happens in the meantime”, “God willing and the creek don’t rise”, etc. I wonder when I’ll be ready to stop doing that.



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8 responses to “Looking up

  1. Oh, I’m just so, so glad!

  2. EJ

    Is there anything better than that washing-machine-whoosh?! My stock phrase for many, many weeks was, “yes, I’m pregnant with twins… SO FAR.” Sometime in the last month (14ish to 18ish weeks?) I realized I’d stopped saying it. I bet you’ll get there, too, before you even know it.

  3. Hooray for a good ultrasound! Love that first glimpse at a baby who really looks like a baby.

  4. What a wonderful relief! I’m glad the scan went well! Yay!

  5. Yay! I’m glad everything is looking good. I will say that our relief at my first trimester screen was only partly that Teeny looked good. The rest was that my cervix was not about to dump the contents of my uterus all over everywhere. Somehow, that took a little of the magic out, I’m afraid. I was glad to feel like we’d cleared that hurdle, though. And making it past 12 weeks and that ultrasound does feel like a huge hurdle.

    And in my case, I think the disclaimers continue, at least to some degree, until the kid is actually born. Doing otherwise feels like tempting fate, for me. (Yes, superstitious, I know, but pregnancy brings it out in me, and always has.)

  6. e10stix

    I so remember that moment with izzy, it is a huge milestone. Congrats!!

  7. Woo hoo! Whoosh whoosh whoosh! I’m so happy for you guys, and extra happy you got yourself some Zofran. I hope things get better on the physical front really soon.

  8. Whoosh, indeed. The sound of relief washing over you. Yay all around!

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