Dear Sprout

Dear Sprout,

There’s no need to start giving us heart attacks now–there will be plenty of time for crazy hijinks after birth. Please keep this in mind.


Yer Moms

I went to the bathroom at 4:30am on Sunday night/Monday morning and discovered I was having some bright red spotting. Cue panic. I was finally able to fall asleep again, but not before spending some time pondering the best way to let friends and family know if we were having a miscarriage.

I called my OB office first thing in the morning and, over the course of multiple phone calls talked to three different people who gave four different answers about what to do. In the end I insisted that no, I did not want to just “take it easy and drink lots of fluids,” nor did a trip to the ER (which a different person had mentioned) seem to make sense. But I did want to come in for an ultrasound that day, and one of the various people answering the phone was willing to make it happen. It was a long wait between 4:30am and 2pm when I got to see the doctor, but I mostly managed to keep from freaking out too much. I reminded myself how horribly nauseated I had been the night before (even worse than usual). I kept repeating to myself that many many women with spotting go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies/babies. And the fact that the spotting slowed and turned more brownish than red helped a lot.

Roo came with me to the appointment and held my hand as Dr. H pressed hard on my belly with the ultrasound and brought up a picture of little Sprout. Dr. H pointed out the flickering hearbeat and the crown-rump measurement that was right on track. She didn’t find the cause of the bleeding, which makes me a little nervous. I appreciated that she didn’t seem upset at our appointment having been squeezed in (even though one of the people I’d spoken to earlier lamented Dr H’s overflowing schedule and seemed to think that my coming in was completely unnecessary). I liked that Dr. H had me schedule an extra visit in two weeks (after the NT scane next week) just so I could have some reassurance that things were still going well. I did not appreciate the fact that she used the phrase “threatened miscarriage” about 17 times in the course of the conversation. I get it that any bleeding is cause for concern and the fact that Sprout looked good yesterday isn’t any guarantee about the future. But I feel like she could have communicated that without saying “miscarriage” quite so many times.  Roo kept trying to get a sense of how much more likely a miscarriage was with this kind of spotting, but the doctor, frustratingly, only kept repeating that she couldn’t promise anything either way.

The spotting has almost totally stopped now, and I’ve decided to believe that this is just another bump in our already-bumpy road to parenthood. There’s lots of things that point to this pregnancy going well (my crazy nausea, seeing Sprout’s heartbeat, good growth, etc.). I know there are no guarantees. If something happens we will deal with it. But at the moment I have decided that there’s no reason to think that there’s anything going on other than a frisky kid causing trouble already.



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7 responses to “Dear Sprout

  1. Spotting is so scary — I should know, because I spotted tons and tons with the Bean, for no reason anyone every found. (Best bet is some kind of irritated cervix or two.) I did learn that spotting is way, way more common than we are lead to believe, and mostly doesn’t mean anything terrible. But it’s awfully hard to think that way at 4 am. I am very impressed that you got back to sleep.

    Glad Sprout is thumping away in there.

  2. Oh, that’s so scary!
    When I spotted for 48 hours at 5 weeks, Dr. Text went all doom and gloom on us too. I think doctors are just so used to seeing the worst, they can’t help it.

    I’m glad that you and Sprout are doing okay.

  3. How stressful! I’m so sorry and I hope it stops completely!

  4. Oh, how awful for you & Roo! I’m so so glad that Sprout is doing well – probably has no idea of all the dramas surrounding him/her. As bionicmamas mentioned, it is very common. I also think drs like to prepare us for the worst! I got told my little bean wouldn’t last the week at my first US at 6 weeks – I’m now 18 weeks and have a very healthy bean on the way!

  5. Oh, I do know that stress, all too well. I’m glad to you got to go in for the ultrasound, and that Sprout was still doing well. I know that hearing Teeny on the doppler after I had that spotting a few weeks ago was a big relief.

    I’m by no means a medical professional, but if the bleeding is related to your cervix (as mine has been this pregnancy), it’s not necessarily something that would show up on an ultrasound, particularly at this stage. I have my friend the cervical polyp, which we can see on the ultrasounds now, but could only see hints of at a bit before 12 weeks. Or, it could just be irritated about something, in which case there wouldn’t be anything to see on an ultrasound at all. Not being able to see the cause of the bleeding on the ultrasound could be a good thing. (As in, not seeing a massive subchorionic bleed, for example, is good.)

    Anyway, I hope the bleeding goes away entirely, and stays away, and that Sprout continues to doing his/her thing, and eases up a little on the moms.

  6. YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKES. Very, very frightening. I am so glad all was well at last check, and that you were able to keep your cool enough to insist on a scan, and not sit in the ER all day. Very impressive.

  7. Oh, scary. So glad to hear that the u/s showed a thriving little Sprout, though. Sounds like it’s probably cervix-related? (Not that I’m a professional, but that’s based on anecdotal evidence from friends etc).

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