More from the And Then It’s Spring book:

and you worry about those little seeds

and if maybe it was the birds

or maybe it was the bears and all that stomping…

and then it is one more week

and the brown,

still brown,

has a greenish hum

that you can only hear

if you put your ear to the ground

and close your eyes

and then it’s one more week

and a sunny day,

that sunny day that happens

right after that rainy day

and you walk outside

to check on all that brown,

but the brown isn’t around

and now you have green,

all around

you have


I had a positive beta today! 69.9, for those of you keeping score.  Repeat test on Friday.

More later about complicated feelings and anxiety but thought I’d post just this today.



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14 responses to “Spring!

  1. Congratulations!!!! Hoping for more good news on Friday!

  2. whoa, my stomach did an excited flip reading this! HAPPY SPRING!

  3. E

    Ahhh so exciting!!

  4. Esperanza

    WHOOOO HOOOOOO! Yay for a positive beta!

  5. Congratulations and hugs, both, all around.

  6. Hurray! So many congratulations!

  7. A

    Congrats! I can only imagine the bittersweetness of this news. Will be thinking of Roo, especially.

  8. Yayyy! Score one for EPF, huh? I’m excited for you guys.

  9. Raine

    Congratulations!!! Awesome news.

  10. I know this is more complicated than the average positive beta, and my heart goes out to Roo. But let it also be known that…WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So completely thrilled for you!

  11. I can only imagine how complicated the feelings are, and I am way too familiar with the anxiety. Still, congratulations! Huzzah!

  12. tbean

    Congrats! I know it is complicated but it is still joyous news.

  13. thinking of you, hoping Friday went well.

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