Our first ever attempt at having a baby was in March five years ago.  Easter was early that year as well, and we found out on Easter morning that it hadn’t worked.  We were so disappointed!  It was particularly hard to get the news on the same day that we were celebrating a holiday full of all things pastel and baby-chick-related.  And of course we had Easter dinner at my in-laws’ with my uber-fertile sister-in-law who already had two kids, less than 18 months apart.

Because of my wonky cycle, we won’t find out for sure if I’m pregnant this time until just after Easter (blood test on Wednesday, home test at some as-yet-undetermined time before then).  And we’ll spend Easter Sunday with my sister-in-law again, this time very pregnant with their fourth kid (she’s having a scheduled c-section in 2 1/2 weeks!).

In some ways this time around is harder.  I feel much older, more tired, more jaded.  The last year and a half of TTC has been a tough slog for Roo and me.  And we’re in the midst of grieving about the fact that Roo won’t be pregnant.

But!  I’m continuing to have ginormous (for me) boobs.  I am feeling really optimistic about our chances this cycle.  And it helps so much to remember that the cycle after Easter five years ago was the one that brought us the amazing Tadpole.  So even if this cycle isn’t it, our amazing kid could still be just around the corner.



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8 responses to “Symmetry

  1. I am hopeful for you. I hope later you will remember this as the Easter when you were pregnant and just didn’t know it yet.

  2. E

    Holiday/-versies make the process feel even more dramatic but I am holding our for your Easter baby this time!

  3. Yay can’t wait to hear about your BFP! Hang in there!

  4. Whatever turns out to be this time, you will have that perfect perfect yes one day and I know it will be exactly as it supposed to be. I am keeping everything that I have crossed for you and sending loads and loads of good thoughts. Happy Easter!

  5. wishing you lots of luck wednesday!

  6. A

    My fingers are crossed for you guys. I’m encouraged that you succeeded so quickly with Tadpole.

  7. Easter should by rights be a time of hope, and I hope you’re taking a test right now and overflowing with it. Whatever happens, you’re right–this is going to WORK.

  8. Last Easter I was 10 dpo, which I remember, because PB had told me that she wanted me to test (even though that’s kind of early), and if it was positive, to hide the test in an egg in her Easter Basket. So I had a special egg, all prepared, decorated with stickers and everything. Just in case. Of course I didn’t need it.

    This year, I dug out the egg from where I’d hidden it, and peed on one more stick for good measure, just so I could give it to PB.

    This past year has been a rough one for both of us, I think, but I still have hope. Hope that this pregnancy will stick for me, that this cycle (or one very soon) will work for you. That we’ll both get to add the second children we’ve been working so hard towards to our families.

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