and then it’s spring

I was at an elementary school this morning as part of my job, and they happened to be having their school book fair.  And they happened to have a book by an illustrator who I love (Erin E. Stead who illustrated A Sick Day for Amos McGee, which is also amazing).  So I got it and brought it home and Tad and Roo and I have all read it multiple times tonight.Image

I love this book.  It’s full of sweetness and whimsy and hope. It’s about a boy who plants seeds.  He watches over them carefully, full of hope and then despair and then hope, and then (spoiler alert!) they sprout.  I feel a lot like this kid–alternately optimistic and worried.  Right now, though, I’m feeling more hopeful about lots of things in my life.  A few things that I’m thankful for:

After what felt like weeks of miserable frigid and rainy days, it is finally starting to feel like spring.  We have a few purple crocuses (croci?) blooming in our yard and it is actually nice to spend time outside. Tad was a crazy man tonight during dinner so afterwards he and I went for a walk around the block to get his wiggles out.  He chatted with a 3-year-old friend down the street who we haven’t seen much of this winter.  He interrogated another neighbor about the yard project she was working on and offered his own suggestions about solutions to the difficulties she described.  And she kindly took his questions and comments quite seriously.

This past weekend included a lot of relaxing time with Roo and Tadpole.  Tad had his second swimming lesson at the YMCA on Friday night, and he was so excited.  This was taken just before his first one–note that the little feet are not actually touching the ground.


Roo and I sat on the bench next to the pool and actually had time for a mostly-uninterrupted conversation.  It feels like such a “mom” thing to do, to sit with other parents during a swim lesson giving encouraging waves and debating whether or not to intervene when one’s own kid is being particularly ornery or rambunctious.  And I really love being a mom.  It was a nice start to the weekend.

Then I got to spend a chunk of Saturday morning decadently reading in bed while Roo took Tadpole to the grocery store.  Saturday afternoon was a trip to our favorite source for sartorial splendor: Goodwill.  And Sunday included more lazy family time.  On Sunday afternoon, I cooked dinner and watched out the window as Roo and Tad put out imaginary fires all over the yard and took turns driving a fire truck that looked a lot like our slide.  I finished cooking and joined them and we played soccer.  There was lots of silly trash talk between Roo and me, which Tad found hilarious.  As Roo says, his little giggle is the very best sound in the world.

In an effort to change things up a bit, I spent a while this weekend looking at a recently-acquired cookbook for new recipes to try.  I made two new things on Sunday (curried quinoa salad with apples and cranberries, and spinach salad with eggs and avocado), both of which turned out to be easy and delicious.

And one of the major reasons for feeling more optimistic: I went to BSFC today and they said everything looked great.  I have an egg all ready to go (20-point-something-or-other) and am scheduled for an IUI tomorrow.  I’m even surging on my own so don’t need a trigger shot or a second IUI.  I talked to OLN briefly and she reassuringly shared that when she got pregnant with her son she ovulated on CD26.  It was such a relief to discover that my body seems to have figured things out after all, and makes me hopeful that sometime in the not-too-distant future it could figure out the rest of the things I’m asking it to do.  Maybe, just maybe, a little seed will sprout.

So yay for spring!



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8 responses to “and then it’s spring

  1. I feel like I need that book!

    Good luck with tomorrow’s IUI– maybe your egg senses that spring is coming too, and it’s time to sprout.

  2. Yay for your body playin ball…good luck with the IUI today!

  3. I agree with everything you have to say about Erin Stead and AND THEN IT’S SPRING. Look out for her new book in May, IF YOU WANT TO SEE A WHALE. It’s stunning.

  4. Mmmm…those recipes do sound delicious. Though not as delicious as those not-quite-touching-the-ground toes. What a moment! When I picked out the things to make for dinner last week, I oddly found that all I wanted was the summer foods…but it’s not time yet.

    I hope the IUI went really well. It seems impossible that your household will ever stop IUIing, but PLEASE OH PLEASE, let this be IT. Let this be a glorious spring!

    • I know! It feels like we’ve been at this forever and it will never stop. But I’m currently feeling more hopeful that the end is in sight. Thanks for all of the support!

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