I went in today for another ultrasound and bloodwork.  It’s CD16 and the doctor said I continue to have a zillion eggs, but they’re all still really small.  He said I could either wait and come back in four or five more days and see if they’ve started doing anything.  Or I could take Clo.mid and see if that gets things to move along.  The doctor was not my usual one, but the other one in the practice.  This guy is not as good at explaining things or as patient as Dr. Y, which was frustrating.  I asked both him and my nurse about the pros and cons of these options, but don’t feel like I got very satisfying answers.  I have a call into my nurse to try to ask again (and to ask the question I forgot to ask, which is about how high the risk of multiples  would be if I do try Clo.mid, given that I have so many eggs to start with).  Given that this is my first ever monitored cycle, it feels like it’s hard to know whether it’s likely that things will eventually develop more on their own.  And will I miss some window of opportunity to do something if I just wait? 

Fortunately, I got to come home from the frustrating and confusing appointment to my little family.  Roo is off today, and she’s the one who called the nurse to try to get more answers.  Tad is being charming–he entertained himself by looking at endless pictures of fire trucks on Google Images while Roo and I talked about the appointment.  And he is currently creating some amazing artwork with pom-poms. 



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  1. e10stix

    Ugg, i feel you! I had the same thing happen. My first monitored cycle I think I ovulated on day 20 or something….Its like our bodies knows we are stressed and does the opposite! No advice but just wanted to let you know you arent alone…. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad to know I’m not alone in having a body that’s being particularly uncooperative!

      • Same thing happened to me. I wasn’t being monitored, so I don’t have measurements or anything, but our first IUI cycle was like 1000 years longer than usual. I could hear my RE rolling his eyes a bit on the phone, but I remain convinced that well-placed stress can delay my ovulation.

  2. A

    This happened to us a few times, and I have a few ideas/questions, which may or may not help you and may possibly drive you nuts. If you want my 5 cents, lmk. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or questions if you have a minute. I talked to my nurse and am feeling a little clearer but could definitely use some more help. You can reply here or send me an email at pajamamommas at gmail. I’d really appreciate anything you can offer.

  3. My first two IUI cycles were also 1000 years long, and I totally think it had something to do with stress. The 2nd cycle they weren’t actually totally sure I even ovulated…

    Hopefully your body will kick start on its own. Otherwise, I don’t have any really good advice about Clo.mid. My first medicated cycle worked, which I’m obviously really happy about, but I also feel like meds happened much, much faster than they would have in any other context simply because our access to sperm came through a fertility clinic.

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