These are a few of my favorite things.

Thanks so much for all of your comments on the last few posts.  Your support, commiseration and advice make a huge difference.  I’m feeling much better today, after a lovely weekend that was filled with some of my favorite things:

Conversations with grown-ups:  Friday night was a low-key dinner with friends at their house.  The adults talked in one room while Tad and his friend (who is about 6 months older) played indpendently in the other room.  I had a moment of being grateful that we have an older kid who could play on his own and could stay out well past 8pm.  Sure, I’d rather have an infant and have to go home earlier, but it’s nice to be back in a place where I can notice the positive aspects of the way things are.

Spending time outside: On Saturday we spent a gorgeous crisp fall morning at a pumpkin patch.  We went on a hayride, fed baby goats, and did all sorts of seasonally-appropriate things.  On Sunday I did some door-to-door political canvassing, walking along sidewalks covered in crunchy fall leaves and meeting some really interesting people.

Tadpole’s imaginary play:  Tad spent large chunks of time this weekend playing his current favorite game, “Mail Carrier.”  In this game he takes about a thousand sheets of scrap paper, puts two stickers on each one (one to be the return address and one to be the stamp), and then puts them in a canvas bag and “delivers” them to every flat surface in the house.  It’s a PITA to clean up, but an adorable game.

Tad is also currently obsessed with firefighters. Apparently it is “fire prevention awareness month,” so the library had a whole section of kids’ books about firefighters when we went on Friday. Tad was in heaven! If it has been up to him, he would have brought every one of them home. He has been particularly obsessed with one of the books (of course the one that I like the least) and we’ve read it over and over. He has assigned each of us a character from it and directs us in our roles–“Momma, you are Liz so you check the hoses.” Roo got him a plastic firefighter hat at a consignment sale over the weekend and he wore it everywhere we went–out to breakfast, to the grocery store, etc.

Cozy time at home: It was also nice to have a chunk of time at home to get various chores done. Not only did I wash several loads of laundry, but I also got the clothes put away, which means we don’t start the week with a flotilla of full laundry baskets at the foot of the bed. I love our house, especially on sunny days with with the sun streaming through the big windows.  I also had a delicious nap on Saturday afternoon while Tad “rested” in his room.

One of my favorite bits of the whole weekend was Tad’s bedtime on Sunday night.  After bathtime he curled up in my lap wrapped in a towel.  I got him into his pajamas (his current favorites, long-johns with a cute fruit and vegetable design).  Roo joined us and after the normal bedtime routine Tad asked “what was your favorite part of today, Mommy?”  Perhaps it was an attempt to draw out bedtime, but it was adorable.  The three of us lay cuddled up together on Tad’s bed and reminisced about the beautiful weekend.

I’m still sad that we don’t have a baby yet, but I also think that the life that I have right now is pretty fabulous.



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2 responses to “These are a few of my favorite things.

  1. Those are VERY good things. I wonder if Tad can be convinced to start playing recycling truck… It is a beautiful life.

  2. Aw! What a lovely weekend! Tad sounds like so much fun. Reading these posts makes me that much more excited for Moose’s coming years.

    I’m glad you’re feeling sunnier. It does suck having the specter of IVF looming amid the giant question mark of TTC. I started my first shots for an IVF cycle this week; like Bunny described, I got sick of IUI-ing and having nothing but a cyst and a scrip for BCPs to show for it. Now that I’m in it, it seems like no big deal, but I’m struggling to generate a sense of excitement for it.

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