We had a lovely weekend.  There was perfect summer-turning-into-fall weather with cool nights and warm sunny days.  There were brilliant blue skies and wispy white clouds.  I call it “good sleeping weather” because it’s so nice to feel the cool breezes through the open windows at night.  Roo always laughs at me when I say this because to her, a champion napper, what weather isn’t “good sleeping weather”?  Our little family went on fabulous bike ride on a rails-to-trails path near us on Saturday.  Tad actually consented to sit in the seat on the back of Roo’s bike with the incentive of getting a chance to ride his own bike after we were done.  We sang songs and made friends with passers-by and laughed a lot.

Tad riding his pedal-less bike

In other exciting weekend happenings, Roo had her IUI on Sunday morning. Because she was surging on her own they only did one (yay for saving $500+!).  I’m glad to have had our bike riding adventure the day before.  It’s helpful to have this reminder of how great our little family is right now as we head into 2WW#5.

Big Scary Fertility Center is huge and has multiple offices, so doing an IUI on a Sunday meant we were dealing with whichever staff happened to be on call over the weekend. The plus side of this was that the IUI was done by a very nice female doctor.  The down side of it was that there was much confusion about what we were supposed to be doing and when.  My understanding from talking with our doctor beforehand was that either Roo would ovulate on her own and we would do one IUI with no trigger shot, or she wouldn’t ovulate on her own and we would use the trigger shot and do two IUIs.  So when the nurse called on Saturday and said Roo was surging and we should do the trigger shot we were confused and unprepared (Will we be doing one IUI or two?  Wait, where do we even do this shot anyway???).  Then on Sunday morning a nurse called and scolded for not calling ahead to tell them to thaw “the sample,” but no one had ever told us we needed to do that.  Sigh.  Sometimes I miss good old Dr. A, where scheduling an IUI on the weekend meant calling his cell phone and seeing what worked with our schedules and then meeting him (in jeans and a t-shirt) at his office.

On the other hand, I have really appreciated being able to leave so many decisions up to other people this cycle.  I don’t know what Roo would say about this (since she was the one making all of the early-morning clinic appointments).  But for me it was really nice to not squint at OPKs trying to determine just how dark each line was and what that meant about our timing.  And it has been very reassuring to get constant affirmation that everything inside is going just the way it should.  Knowing this also makes me optimistic for our odds in the future, should we have to do more tries.

There was no way for me to come to the appointment on Sunday because I was at the doctor’s office with Tad, who had an infection.  I am sad that I couldn’t be there.  If this try works I imagine I will feel guilty about our second kid getting the short end of the stick even at conception.

Roo also went to all of her monitoring appointments last week on her own.  It has left me feeling a little outside of the process–I didn’t get a chance to ask any of the questions that I wanted to about the details of what was going on and what the doctor thought it meant.  But I think it’s also good for me to let go of things a little.  If I were the one going to the clinic I’m sure I would be taking careful note of each follicle and lining measurement and obsessively googling to find out what they might mean.  When I’ve asked Roo about the results of her various appointments her answer is generally, “he said it was good.  I don’t remember the exact numbers.”  I thought briefly about emailing our nurse to get all of the stats, but then it occurred to me that knowing the numbers wouldn’t actually do anything to change them.  And it wouldn’t really answer the question of whether this cycle will work or not.  Plenty of “perfect” cycles don’t end in pregnancy and plenty of imperfect ones do.

So now we wait.  And with the added bonus of knowing that the trigger means that we’ll have to wait fairly long before we can be sure that a positive test is real and not just reflecting the trigger.



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12 responses to “September

  1. Ooh! Crossing my fingers. It would be so great if this did the trick.

    I’m so jealous of champion nappers. An ex of mine was the most remarkable sleeper I’ve ever known. I would watch him fall asleep in — not exaggerating — three breaths. By that third exhale, he was gone. Amazing.

    Such a sweet account of your weekend. The part about having a great little family made me tear up a little.

  2. Such good luck to you and Roo!

    And I totally agree about sleeping weather. Life is just better when pulling a blanket up to your chin doesn’t mean melting.

  3. e10stix

    I totally agree, sometimes being the non-inseminating partner offers a buffer for my obsessive tendencies. I think it keeps us both sane!

  4. Gorgeous picture! He’s such a tiny yet grown up person! The clinic confusion sounds really frustrating. It seems like they should be pro enough not to have to put people through this, but lord knows I spend enough time on the phone trying to figure things out. AARRARG LET THIS BE THE LAST TIME YOU GUYS HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!!!! Ahem. If you want to be a crazy person, you can test out the trigger, and then know for sure that the positive I so dearly hope you will be seeing soon is FOR REAL. Does the new clinic make you do a beta regardless, or do you only do one after a positive test? (The latter was the case with me and I was always grateful.)

    • You’d think that the clinic would be better at this, given that they do a zillion of these every day…
      Thanks for the advice about testing it out. Our current plan is to just try to wait things out. We’ll see how far we make it…
      In terms of the beta, I think Roo is supposed to go in regardless. It does seem like that could be hard if we’re already pretty sure what the result will be.

  5. Data. How I love data. I know more data ≠ more pregnant, but it sure did make me feel better.

    Hoping this one is THE one.

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