Settling in

We are slowly settling back into the school-year routine, but the transition has been a little rough on all of us.  We’re all grumpy when we have to wake up in the mornings, and I can’t figure out what to do about Tad’s napping.  On days when he takes a nap at school he doesn’t fall asleep until 9pm. But when he doesn’t, he’d like to sleep in until 7am, and we have to get up closer to 6. So I don’t know what the answer is.  We’re also still figuring out the best way to communicate with his teachers about whether or not he slept during rest time, since his new teachers don’t send home a paper about his day.

Despite my worries, Tad has had no problems when we drop him off at school; he usually runs off immediately to play with his friends.  But once he’s home in the evenings there have been numerous melt-downs over seemingly minor issues (maybe connected to the sleep issues above?  or the transition in general?).

And, just as we’re settling back into the routine, there are multiple disruptions to it.  Tad’s school is closed this Thursday and Friday for a teacher workday.  And then I got Tad up on Wednesday morning just before I was supposed to leave for a continuing education workshop and found that one of Tad’s eyes was coated in gunk.  Yay for conjunctivitis and yet another day home.  Roo and I both felt we needed to be at work (my job had already paid for the workshop and Roo was supposed to help with orientation for new students at her school).  After some frantic negotiation, Roo agreed to stay home (thanks, darling!).  She and Tad had a pretty nice day (complete with some stream-walking in a state park), but everything has felt a little discombobulated.

And on top off all of this is the fact that CD1 will be here soon, and the more closely monitored TTC process this go-round will bring with it another set of routine-altering early morning appointments.

Despite all of my griping, there have also been some wonderful moments in the last week or so:

  • Early Sunday morning there was a huge thunderstorm, and Tad came into our room, complaining that he was “worried.”  He snuggled in between Roo and me, and we all dozed for a little while before he woke up completely.  Tad tends to sleep very soundly, and to go almost immediately from sound asleep to wide awke, so these kinds of drowsy early-morning snuggles are rare and extra-special.
  • About two months ago we visited some friends to drop off some meals because both women in the couple were having health issues.  We hadn’t seen them since then, but we ran into them on Sunday and Tad (completely unprompted) came running up to ask them, “are you all better?”
  • On Tuesday Roo was out, so Tad and I spent the evening together.  It’s fun to see how much more sophisticated his imaginative play is getting.  At dinner there was a long story in which we were in an airplane that then became a flying dump truck that was pouring water into a fire-fighting helicopter.  Then we went up to take a bath.  We have a little turtle finger puppet made of washcloth material that has been in the bath toy bin for months and has been completely ignored.  Suddenly this turtle (who Tad named “Boat Tommy–Boat is his first name and Tommy is his last name”) was the star of a long and complicated story.  BT was attacked by a shark and made friends with a duck (they “shook feet”).  He rode on a fishing boat.  We had to take BT with us after bath-time so that Tad could take him “for a visit to the trolley museum.”  Many of Tad’s stuffed animals took turns driving the trolley (which looks suspiciously like Tad’s bed) and Tad narrated all of the sights we could see as we traveled along.  And of course the still-damp Boat Tommy had to sleep in Tad’s bed with him.

So that’s a bit about where we are.  Tired and discombobulated and grateful for this silly boy who we get to live with.  I keep fiddling with this post and trying to make it more cohesive, but I think it’s time to just accept that the post is an accurate reflection of our discombobulation (if that’s not a word, it should be) and publish it.


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