We had our meeting with Dr. Y at BSFC last Friday.  He convinced us that it really did make sense to repeat the sonoHSG in order to have a clearer picture of what was going on.  His explanation was that, if we just have polyps, then the surgery he had proposed would be fine.  But if we went in for the surgery without the sonoHSG, we could find out that Roo has fibroids instead of polyps, in which case they would be in the middle of the wrong kind of surgery, which is obviously a situation that we’d rather avoid.  He also promised that he would do this sonoHSG himself.

I continue to be impressed with Dr. Y.  He has been very patient with our endless questions, and he seemed genuinely concerned when Roo described her negative experience with the other doctor.  At one point in our meeting on Friday said to me, “I think you are scowling.  Are you angry with me?”  In that moment I was just puzzled and trying to understand something, but if I had been angry about something I think I could have talked with him about it.  He patted my shoulder briefly on our way out today, which would have been creepy from some guys, but felt sweet from him.  I also like his sense of humor, and I think he tries to use it to put people at ease.  I had asked in our meeting on Friday if I could come with Roo for the sonoHSG on Tuesday and he said, “sure!  Would you like an HSG too?  I’ll toss in one for you for free!”

We did have a weird moment when Roo had asked him about something and his response was, “well, you don’t have regular sexual activity.”  It seemed to not be a value judgement at all, purely something about anatomy, and “regular” about style rather than frequency of sex.  But it also seemed like he was making a lot of assumptions about what we do or don’t do in bed–not that I was eager to jump into Lesbian Sex 101 with a man who is the same age as my father!

Anyway, my brave Roo decided she was willing to do go through yet another procedure and we got it over with on Tuesday.  As promised, Dr. Y did the procedure (which Roo says was painful, but not as bad as the last one).  At the end of it he turned to us and said, “the results today are very interesting.”  Apparently Tuesday’s procedure showed no polyps.  As in none at all.  His oh-so-helpful explanation for this is that the results of one of the procedures (the one on Tuesday or the initial HSG from a few weeks ago) is wrong, but he doesn’t know which it is.  He seemed genuinely perplexed by this.  He said it’s possible that what he saw in the previous HSG was some sort of extra lining to the uterus that got shed with Roo’s last period.  Or it’s possible that the polyps are still there, but somehow couldn’t be picked up on Tuesday.  So we could go back to doing IUIs without the surgery, or do the surgery anyway in case there are still polyps there (because the surgery is the best way to get a very clear picture of exactly what’s going on).  His recommendation is to go ahead and try for a month or two and then re-evaluate.  His theory is that, if the polyps are there, they are likely pretty small and therefore wouldn’t get in the way of implantation.  Given his recommendation and our eagerness to get back into TTC, we agreed to go ahead.

So in the last month we’ve been through about 7 different plans for how we’d go forward, and are now back to one that’s pretty close to where we started before this whole polyp mess–we’ll do 1 or 2 IUIs with Clomid, starting in September.  If neither of those are successful, we’ll consider doing the surgery.  I’m excited that we don’t have to wait another month, and it’s awfully nice that surgery is not part of the current plan.

I alternate between excitement and dread at the prospect of actively trying to conceive again.  It’s wonderful to be finally back to doing something that might get us a real live baby.  I’m hopeful that the increased monitoring plus the Clomid will increase our odds of having things finally work (plus decrease our odds of wasting vials on a cycle that isn’t going well egg-wise).  However the whole TTC process hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs so far.  The down side of trying is that there’s the possibility of being disappointed.  But I guess that’s true of just about everything in life–reaching for what we really want always means the possibility of disappointment.



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2 responses to ““Interesting”

  1. I think that polyps are sent by the devil to make people insane. At least, that’s my current theory. Hopefully, though, you guys can just get successfully pregnant without ever having to fully figure out what’s going on in there.

    And I get the twinned excitement and fear of disappointment, believe me. But as you say, reaching for what we want always risks disappointment, so we just have to accept that as part of the deal.

    Good luck!

  2. Hmmmm! I like a plan that doesn’t involve anything too complicated, and I am really optimistic about the increased monitoring and the addition of Clomid, just ’cause I know how nice it is to have the information, but I also know how frustrating and painful it can be to just do the same thing again and again. Your RE sounds great, but even the best have so little concept of how much the waiting and disappointment suck. Which is probably for the best, since we need them to make recommendations that are not too conservative or too crazy.

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