Here are a few of the pictures from the first city we visited, Venice.  In the interest of full disclosure, most of them were taken by Roo.  We felt so lucky to have this experience–thanks to Roo’s work for making it possible!  There’s a more wordy post about our travels percolating, but I thought I’d put this together in the meantime.

We really enjoyed our time in Venice, especially the afternoon that we spent just wandering the streets and alleyways.  Everywhere we turned was another postcard shot.  And it was fascinating to learn more about how people live in a city where there are canals instead of streets.

Unfortunately, lots of other people love Venice too.  There were several times when we looked around a restaurant and realized that every single customer there was speaking English.

Our first view of the Grand Canal (the wide canal that winds through the city)

There were fascinating alleyways like this everywhere

We saw lots of interesting window displays in all three cities that we visited. Some we beautiful and some were…interesting….
Despite signs like this, the majority of folks we ran into spoke far better English than I spoke Italian.
Angry mermaid graffiti!
St. Mark’s Square, with the bell tower and St. Mark’s Basilica in the background

The winged lion, a symbol of Venice


More of the Grand Canal

We took a day trip to three islands near Venice. One of them is Murano, which has been known for its glass-making for centuries.

The artist in the previous photo made a gorgeous horse sculpture in about 30 seconds.

The shore around Murano is littered with glass fragments.

We took this one for Tadpole, who has been fascinated by the idea of an ambulance boat.

This church, on the island of Torcello, had beautiful Byzantine mosaics dating from the 11th and 12th centuries. It was hard for us ‘Mericans to wrap our heads around the idea of something that old.

Gondolier with cell phone and cigarette

A mosaic on the side of an old palace, showing the glass-blowing process


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  1. Ooooooo! Ahhhhh! Those are lovely! I love a good Italian wander.

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