So our plan was to do all of the rest of the preparation that Big Scary Fertility Center requires in June, and start IUIs in July.  Then we realized it was a little nuts to try to fit in day 3 bloodwork, an HSG, and a GYN exam all during Roo’s last week of school…which also happens to be the week before we leave for Italy.  So now we’ll do most of that stuff in July.  Which means the next IUI won’t be until August.

This change of plans makes a lot of sense, but I’ve been through a few days of feeling really down about it.  If we’re not even starting to try for months, it feels like we’ll never ever get pregnant.  I would like to have a baby NOW (or, preferably about 3 months ago, which was when things with Tadpole started feeling more manageable).  And if we don’t try until August, the earliest possible due date would be a full year from now.

After a few days of grumpiness, I’m doing a little better.  I’m excited about the more intensive monitoring that BSFC will provide.  And there’s a rumor out there that there’s better odds in the first few cycles after doing an HSG.  So maybe when we do get started again we won’t have to do too many more cycles.

Oh, and there’s the fact that Roo and I are going to Italy soon.  It’s one of those things that has been in the distant future for so long that it’s hard to believe that it will really happen.  But it looks like it really will.  I pick up our final documents from the travel agent tomorrow!

In completely unrelated news, the strawberry plants that I planted in our backyard 4 years ago have taken off and there are now enough of them that we actually get to eat some of the berries before the rabbits.  Tadpole likes to wander the yard in his bare feet in the evening, “yookin for wipe stwawbewies.”



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8 responses to “Postponed

  1. K

    I’m sorry about the delay. I hate how that feels, to get all geared up in your heart for something only to have to have your head and logic take over. That happened when we took a break for financial reasons last year. I hope though that it allows you to enjoy your trip without worrying about test results and logistics and all of that.

    • Thanks! Yes, I think it will be helpful to not have to stress about all of that stuff while on our trip. It really does make lots of sense to do it this way, even if it’s hard.

  2. SIGH. It’s a sensible plan, but deeply disappointing, I can imagine. I’m glad you’ve got lots of distractions between now and then (strawberries! You lucky woman! Oh right, and…ITALY!)

    Before I forget, LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo in your header. What an utterly charming shot! FUZZEH DUCKLINGS!

    • Thanks! Glad you like the picture. I’ve been trying to get a good one for a while and it’s been to get something interesting that fits in that kind of long skinny rectangle.

  3. I am sorry for the delay, but agree with others that Italy will be so much more fun without the stress. And the difference in age between a child conceived in July vs August….well, I know it looms large when you are wanting to get started, and I know you know it isn’t really large at all. Best wishes for a wonderful trip and a speedy ttc process when you are home from your adventures.

  4. We have the same vacation/delay over here. We would start next cycle except we’re going to the east coast for a couple weeks in July and it would be too stressful to maybe be pregnant during that trip. So, August it is. Maybe it will be a good month for both of us!

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