ETA: I meant to post this on Sunday night, but then my computer had issues with some of the photos and I haven’t had a chance to get back to it until tonight.

I’m feeling much happier with the world after a lovely weekend.  I have been meaning to get a few veggie plants for weeks, and I finally had a chance to shop for them on Friday.  Tadpole came along and offerred his suggestions.  Thanks to him, we have a watermelon plant and a red bell pepper plant as well as the tomatoes, basil and squash that I had picked out.  These are the tomato and basil plants.  The others are in a garden bed and didn’t photograph as well.

Gardening with my kid was one of my parenthood fantasies before Tadpole was born, so it was extra fun that he was pretty into it (or at least as into as his attention span would permit).  He loved putting on his gardening gloves and helping dig the holes to put the plants in.  He also loved spraying his moms with the hose when he was supposed to be helping water the plants.

On Friday night Roo and I got to go on a date for the first time in weeks.  A local non-profit was holding a dance party, and we enjoyed being very silly together.  It was lovely to re-connect and made me even more excited about our Italy adventure.

On Saturday we hosted a birthday party for Roo’s parents, which was great fun.  Roo’s brother, his wife, and their kids (ages 6 1/2, 5, and 2) live locally, and they came.  We spent the evening in our back yard watching the kids get into all sorts of mischief.  My older neice had brought some of her artwork and taped it to the branches of our big oak tree so that we could have an “art show.”  The kids also created a band, chased each other, and had numerous “tea parties.”  It is wonderful to watch Tad’s relationships with his cousins develop over time.

This morning, while we were out doing errands, Tadpole decided that he was a kangaroo and insisted I needed to attach these pouches to his shirt so that he could carry around his two kangaroo babies.

Tadpole as a Kangaroo

This afternoon was the “concert” and “art show” at his preschool.  The concert was about 15 minutes of adorableness as the whole school sang about 10 short songs.  And then we all wandered over to the multi-purpose room to eat ice cream and look at the artwork.  This is part of Tadpole’s class’ display.  It’s clear how much of the work is done by the kids themselves, which I really like.

Tonight was another cozy Sunday night.  Fin helped me shuck the corn (which he was very excited about since they had learned about corn this week at school), and we ate it with our veggie sloppy joes (recipe  here , in one of my favorite cookbooks–lots of simple recipes that don’t require 15 obscure ingredients).  We finished dinner and Roo and I looked at the clock….and realized that it was only 5:30.  What to do with the hour and a half left before bedtime that wouldn’t make the house even more of a mess?  Go on a walk!  Before we left, Tadpole went barrelling up the stairs and came back with his Baby (the comfort object he usually sleeps with) and the handmade backpack carrier that Roo had bought for him a year ago off eBay.  His interest in the carrier has come and gone in the intervening time, but suddenly today it was Very Important that we bring Baby along with us on our walk.  Roo took some time for herself, and Tadpole and I meandered around the neighborhood.  We chatted about the flowers in front of various houses and found a friendly cat to pet.  We closely examined a motorcycle in front of a neighbor’s house.  At one point we were sitting on the sidewalk (having “stopped to take a break” after our strenuous exertion) and he spotted a cloud that looked like an octopus.  Several times he even forgot to yank his hand away after we had finished crossing a street so I got to walk down the street with his soft little hand in mine.  As exhausting and overwhelming as parenthood can be, moments like this one remind me that it is also fabulous and amazing and I am incredibly lucky.

Tadpole and his Baby



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2 responses to “Ahhhh…..

  1. e10stix

    the pic of Tad and his baby is adorable! Having had a similar weekend, Im in a “yeah for parenthood” mood too — so necessary to balance out the “im dead tired from parenthood” days..

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