Sunday Evening

As much as I am eager for our lives to change dramatically, with all of the chaos and upending of routines that pregnancy and a new baby would will bring, it’s probably worth recording some of the good things about the way our lives look now.

Sunday evenings are currently one of my favorite times of the week, and tonight was a particularly nice one.  After Tadpole’s non-nap he and I and Roo went for a walk.  Actually, he said we were going on a parade, and insisted we each bring a musical instrument.  In between shaking our shakers and banging our homemade drums, we noticed spring flowers and talked about our plans for the week.

We went out to do a few errands, and then I cooked dinner.  My current theory about feeding our family is that it’s easiest to make a big pot of something yummy and hearty and healthy on Sundays, and just reheat that for several of the following nights.  We fill in the in-between nights with mac-and-cheese or frozen burritos or other quick options.  Tonight I worked on a spinach and mushroom fritata, with our local quirky folk music show on the radio.  Roo and Tadpole were in the playroom, rolling various cars back and forth and giggling.

Dinner itself was chaotic, with Tadpole refusing to sit in his chair and somehow managing to have an accident while sitting on the toilet.  Then there was a complete meltdown because Roo came up to help with bedtime two and a half minutes after I did.  But he finally settled as we read his two pre-bedtime books.  And he asked us to lie down on his bed to sing his songs with him, and all three of us sang “Twinkle, Twinkle” and the ABC song with our heads together on his bed.

It was nothing earth-shattering, but it feels important to hang on to these little moments.  The only disappointment was that The Amazing Race (another part of our Sunday evening ritual) isn’t on.

What’s your favorite time of the week?


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One response to “Sunday Evening

  1. What an idyllic picture. There is something perfect about those ordinary moments–I often find myself wishing I could capture them forever, but they’re just so ordinary

    I’m not sure there’s one part of the week I prefer, but I do enjoy Monday afternoons, as Monday is my day of solo childcare, and afternoons are often sweet and peaceful. Chores done, waiting for my husband to finish work..

    Or maybe my favorite time of the week is any day when I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep…

    Also, the Amazing Race is hilarious.

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