Photo Fun

I have been thinking (thanks in part to an interesting post and series of comments from Bionic, here ) about what makes me interested in reading other people’s blogs.  In general, strong writing, thoughtful exploration of complicated topics and a sense of humor are most important to me.  But I also really enjoy getting glimpses of other people’s worlds through pictures.  So I thought I’d do a post with a few photos.

A few weeks ago we finally assembled Tadpole’s “big boy bed.”  The first night we tucked him in and then crept downstairs.   There were a few minutes of banging and clattering and then silence.  When we came up to check on him a while later, this is what we found:

These are Tadpole’s new shoes.  They light up when he walks, and he has spent the last few days staring down at his feet with pride, and lifting up the cuffs of his pants so that he and others can better admire them.  Over the weekend I had to remove them from his room during his rest time because instead of sleeping he was throwing them against the floor to make them light up.

When Tadpole and I came home the other night, Roo was doing some gardening in our front yard.  He instisted on “helping” her, which involved appropriating all of the tools she was using.


  Roo is on spring break this week, so I took Wednesday off and we went here while Tadpole was at school:

The Van Gogh exhibit was fabulous.  Even more fabulous was spending a day with my sweetie and having conversations that weren’t interrupted by the constent monologue and series of questions from the back seat.  Road trips and long discussion about art and artists were staples of our pre-kid life and it was great to re-connect with those parts of our relationship.



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2 responses to “Photo Fun

  1. Adorable, adorable Tadpole. I just want to give him a big snuggle.And yeah, photos are lovely. People feel more real when you get those peeks into their lives.

  2. Ha! I can so see the Bean sleeping like that someday.

    Also: I want those shoes.

    Thanks for the nice pictures — I like this kind more than I get into the “gorgeous flower” variety (even though I like to take both kinds).

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