Good news, for once

It has been a rough couple of weeks around these parts.  That sinus/ear/eye infection that Tadpole had just wouldn’t quit.  He was home from school for a week.  Whenever he wasn’t doped up on Advil, his fever would go back up to 103.  And he voluntarily put himself to bed for naps (a certain clue that he was not himself!).  Roo and I traded off staying home with him, which meant playing the fun game of trying to get everything done at work while only going in every other day.  Tadpole seems to be all better now.  I had thought we had covered every conceiveable plague (with the possible exception of locusts), but then Roo was diagnosed with strep on Friday.  And she and I both have Tadpole’s eye infection.  There are bottles of antibiotics and eyedrops strewn across every surface of the house, and each has to be carefully labeled so we don’t pick up the wrong stuff–for added excitement, Roo is horribly allergic to the antibiotic that I’m on.

But!  We got a letter in the mail on Friday from Roo’s health insurance company.  Mostly it was several long paragraphs about how they will not pay for the purchase of donor sperm, you have to get your own darn swimmers, we don’t know why you even bothered asking, etc.  And then, tucked in at the end of one of these long disclaimers, a brief sentence that I almost missed: “However, six cycles of IUI have been approved.”

I emailed the financial person at Big Scary Fertility Center.  And she emailed me back today that it meant what it said.  Roo’s insurance has agreed to completely pay for 6 IUI cycles at BSFC!  That’s kind of a big deal.  Each cycle will now cost us less than when we’ve been going to Dr. A.  Potentially a lot less, since BSFC said they would only do two IUIs in a cycle if Roo doesn’t ovulate on her own.  So each cycle could end up only setting us back the cost of one vial of swimmers and the associated shipping.  Wow.

We’re still absorbing the news, so I’m not sure what it will mean in terms of our plans.  But it gives us a lot more options than we had previously.



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3 responses to “Good news, for once

  1. Whoo hoo for insurance happiness. That’s such fantastic news.

    On the other front, I hope that the sickies clear out of your house soon!

  2. Well HOT DIGGITY! That doesn’t exactly take away the pain of the unsuccessful cycles, but I hope it does lower the stakes and allow you guys to breathe a bit. Particularly if you’re still facing a long break. I’m so totally thrilled. How often does this happen! NEVER! Yay!

    I’m terrified to even contemplate what it must be like to go through so much sickness all at once, though. Yiiiiikes. I’m glad at least one of you is on the mend.

  3. WAHOO! That is great news. We only ever used one vial (although we were using medications so that the insemination were timed correctly). Here’s to hoping that your process just got a lot less expensive.

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