Happy Winter-Holiday-of-Your-Choice!

We’ve had a crazy and festive few days.  Tadpole’s birthday was a few days ago, on a day in which we also attended a friend’s Hannukah party and the Winter Solstice service at our local UU church.

Then Saturday we attended the Christmas Eve service at Roo’s parents’ church.  We had mentioned to Tadpole on the way to church that there would be a “play where they told the story of the baby Jesus.”  As soon as we described the animals that would surround the manger, Tad decided that he was going to be in the play and that he was going to be a sheep.  Fortunately, folks at the church had masks that visitors could use–including a sheep one.  He took his job very seriously.  That’s him below, staring resolutely at the crowd and ignoring the chaos caused by a wiggly 9-month-old “baby Jesus” on the lap of an inexperienced “Mary.”


Yesterday we had a wonderfully cozy Christmas morning with just the three of us at our house.  It was definitely my favorite part of the day.  We had each bought a few gifts for each other and had a lovely lazy time opening them.  Roo and I talked afterwards about how it felt like just the right amount of gifts.  We focused on quality rather than quantity, and it was nice to have time to play with everything as we went along.  Tadpole had even bought a gift for each of us at a “kids only room” at a holiday fair.

(Yes, that’s a big Star of David on the right side of tree.  Tadpole made it at preschool when his class was studying Hannukah and insisted it should go on the tree.)

Tadpole’s big gift was a wooden play kitchen.  He loves to help us out when we bake or make smoothies, and he seemed thrilled with his new toy.  He uncovered it and said, “Oh!  A kitchen!  I didn’t have one before and now I do!”.  He has spent a lot of the last few days cooking up imaginary dishes for us.  In a completely uncompensated and unsolicited endorsement, I’m really pleased with it.  It took less than 45 minutes to put together, seems quite sturdy, and is made of wood.  It’s also not pink, which was a plus.  It came with some cute accessories too–pots and pans, a loaf of bread and some carrots held together with velcro which he can cut apart, etc.  I have had kind of hard time letting him explore it on his own and not getting too involved in playing with it myself…


In the afternoon we went over to Roo’s parents’ house to have Christmas dinner and more gifts with the extended family there.  Tadpole has cousins aged 6, 4 1/2 and 2.  They had a fabulous time running around together, bossing each other around, dressing up in various costumes, and creating utter chaos.  Between the big dinner and the running amuck we actually didn’t have time to open all of the presents.

I commented to Roo the other day that I’m very glad we’re taking this month off of TTC.  There has been so much else going on, so it’s nice to not have the logistics of inseminations to fit in.  Never mind adding in that emotional intensity.  But I’m also looking forward to getting back into actively working towards kiddo #2 in the new year.

How have your holiday celebrations gone?  What was your favorite part?  Also, I’m trying to put together a coherent post concering our recent conversations with Tad about Santa Claus and whether he is “real”.  What do you tell your kids about Mr. Claus?


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  1. the sheep picture cracks me up. a lot.

    my favorite part of christmas was watching my mom play with the bean, definitely. though i might be most grateful for how much the bean loved the train, considering how much time we spent on it.

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