4 Calling Birds: Holiday Cards

The folks over at An Offering of Love have suggested some clever prompts for this time of year.  I intended to do several of them, but haven’t succeeded so far. 

I finally have a few minutes to catch my breath tonight, so I thought I’d jump into one of the prompts, even if it’s not the official day for it.  The suggestion for Saturday was to discuss holiday cards.  Saturday was Tadpole’s birthday party, and I was hip-deep in 3-year-olds.  We had figured that, given the time of year, a lot of the folks we invited wouldn’t be able to come.  Instead almost everyone said yes, so we ended up with 11 kids and their parents, all squished into our not-so-big house.  A fabulous day, but not much spare time for blogging…. 

<end disclaimer, start actual post>

For the last several years, Roo and I have done photo cards with a lot of photos from the year. 

I think we both enjoy looking over pictures from our adventures throughout the year, but when it comes to actually creating the card we run into trouble.  We each have strong opinions about what our family card should look like and how we want to present ourselves to the world.  Roo jokes that this can be a disadvantage about being in a two-woman couple.

Since most of our photos are on her computer, Roo usually puts together an initial draft.  Then I look at it, rearrange most of the pictures, take out half of them and put in ones that I like better.  I let her know, then she takes out the photos I had added that she doesn’t like and rearranges the remaining ones some more.  We go back and forth a number of times over several weeks.  When we’re getting close, we enter into the negotiations phase: “We can leave in the one where I’m making a funny face if we can take out the one where the kid looks not quite right.”  “Well, okay, but what about the one that has weird things going on in the background?” Etc, etc. 

In the end, though, we generally end up with something that we’re both pretty pleased with.  And I secretly kind of enjoy the process.  It feels like it fits with other parts of our relationship–we do lots of going back and forth, discussing what is important to us, and what we are willing to give up.  What we end up with is generally different than what each of us would have come up with alone, but also really great.


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