Highs and lows

We’re trying to view this month’s attempt at conceiving as one step towards the kiddo we’ll have someday, even if this wasn’t our month. The ability to view it that way comes and goes.  But fortunately today was Friday, so I got to spend the day with the fabulous kiddo who we already have.

A few highlights of the day:

  • This morning Tadpole grabbed a spoon and ran into another room, calling out, “I’m a dish!  I’m running away with the spoon!” 
  • I gave him his weekly bath this morning [Really!  The poor kid is lucky if he gets two baths a week.  Anyone else have problems finding the time to bathe their kid???]  Afterwards we sat on the glider in his room.  He was wrapped up in his towel and he curled up on my lap and tucked his wet head under my chin while we read a stack of books.
  • We visited a fabulous playground near us.  It was a beautiful day (I’m trying not to think too much about the fact that December shouldn’t be this warm…) and so nice be outside with my buddy.  We took turns pushing each other on the swings.  There was a long imaginary play scenario in which one of us had to play music on some chimes, which somehow made an imaginary boat go.  I asked where the boat was going and he gave the usual answer: “to TCBY!”  Have I mentioned that the boy loves ice cream?
  • This afternoon, after his “rest” (he declined the invitation to take a nap) he got himself dressed (in his frog costume and firetruck boots) and we took his dog for a walk.  He wore that outfit for the rest of the day–all around the neighborhood, and in and out of various restuarants and stores tonight.
  • A frog taking his dog for a walk




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2 responses to “Highs and lows

  1. what a perfect dish!

    we used to bathe the bean every night — and i LOVE bathvtime; it was easily the high point of my day — but now we get to it maybe twice a week, sometimes less than once. in our case, i think it’s the food that takes up the time. at least that’s fun, too.

    very sorry for the negative; they suck every time. i hope this is the last one.

  2. I’m sorry this wasn’t your month. It’s just a monthly kick in the balls.

    But your frog and his dog are beyond adorable!

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