Saying goodbye

Mimi singing a lullaby to Tadpole when he was one week old

Mimi and Tadpole reading a book, June 2010

(this was written on Saturday afternoon, but I didn’t get a chance to actually post it until now)

Roo’s grandmother, Mimi, is currently in hospice care and Roo is with her parents and brother visiting her now.  I’m glad we came back from our Thanksgiving travels today because it looks like today may be Roo’s last chance to visit her and to say goodbye.

Mimi is a staunch Republican and has fairly conservative views on a variety of political subjects.  But she has been unfailingly kind and welcoming to me.  She was disappointed that health problems kept her from being able to attend Roo’s and my wedding.  When she has given gifts to her grandchildren and their spouses I have always been included.  And Mimi has seemed to have a special place in her heart for Tadpole.  Mimi is a singer and a piano player, and she comes from a family of musicians.  She has been tickled by Tadpole’s love of music and they have played many a “duet” on her piano.

Tadpole and I visited Mimi a few weeks ago.  It was painful for me to see how confused Mimi was.  She was so far from the vibrant confident woman I have known for the last ten years.  She didn’t share any stories of her adventures as a music teacher (like the boy who poured a pot of ink onto his classmates from the balcony of the school auditiorium).  She didn’t tell any tales of her unusual relatives (like the aunt who never learned to drive in reverse, so had the back end of her garage removed).  She couldn’t remember exactly who we were or why we were there, but as soon as we came in she said of Tad, “he’s the one that plays the piano.”  After some visiting and chit-chat (most of which seemed to bewilder or worry her), Mimi’s home nurse helped her to the piano.  She sat down and played.  And Tad joined her and they played a lovely “duet”.

I am grateful for the times we have had with Mimi and so sad that there won’t be more of them.

Mimi and Tadpole playing "pipabo", summer 2010



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2 responses to “Saying goodbye

  1. I love those pictures and I’m glad the Tadpole will still get the stories via you, but what a loss! Condolences to your family.

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