It took me three tries to get out of the house this morning–the first two times I had to go back because I realized I had forgotten something.  I think I’m a little frazzled because….drumroll….tomorrow will be IUI #1 for us!  We’ll do one tomorrow morning and one on Saturday.  I remember this tingly excited feeling from the last time around–sitting at work and thinking about this fun big secret that no one around me knows about.  I know that if we’re still trying months from now I may feel differently.  But that means I might as well enjoy it now.

Roo is worried about the IUI being painful.  And I have a vague memory that it did hurt at least one of the times I did it last time.  So any suggestions you have about ways to make it less painful would be much appreciated.  Thanks!



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4 responses to “Discombobulated

  1. exciting times!

    thank you for your comment at my blog — i’ll have to get caught up with yours.

    meanwhile, i hope the IUI was easy-peasy and that it is the last one she’ll need, but in case it wasn’t: my HSG and first IUI were…i don’t think horrific is overly strong. i suspect i had actual cervical stenosis (and the double cervices made everything extra tricky, both from a perspective of getting at the suckers and because there were two to try before giving up and forcing the catheter in). at every IUI/ET after that, the RE gave me a valium ahead of time, and it was smooth sailing. valium basically rules: besides making me feel dreamy, it relaxed the muscles enough to let the catheter in without undue drama (though, full disclosure, it still required a tenaculum, but at least only for a minute).

    • Thanks for the info–everything went smoothly and fairly painlessly this time. But it’s great to know of other options should we have problems in the future–nice that the valium helps relax the muscles as well as your mind!

  2. Eek – I’m a bit late at saying good luck, but I suppose still in time enough as you won’t know the result yet! 😉 I didn’t have IUI, but my embryo transplant was the same thing – a tube through the cervix. I didn’t feel it at all, so suspect a lot of is is down to the individual, as well as the skill of the doctor? Hope it was painless and productive!!

    • Thanks for the support! It was relatively painless. As for the productive, we seem to have gotten the timing right, so now we’re just waiting to see if we were lucky as well…

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