As I am new to this blogging thing, I have been thinking a lot about how to decide what to post, and would love input from more experienced folks. 

I’m excited about my new blogging project, and sometimes want to tell everyone I know.  But then I imagine someday wanting to vent here about certain people or situations, and that makes me hesitant to tell them.  Do I tell my mom?  My mother-in-law?  A good friend with whom I sometimes clash?  But THEN I consider that nothing posted on the internet is really completely private.  So maybe I’ll never feel comfortable posting anything that involves venting about anyone.  In which case I might as well let them read it.  Help!  How do you decide who to tell about your blog, and how does that affect what you decide to post?

Then there is the whole question of Tadpole’s reaction to this.  I plan to keep this focused on MY experiences of parenthood, rather than on Tad’s own story (which I believe should be his to tell).  But the line between the two can get fuzzy.  As he gets bigger and has more of his own ideas about things, will he object to having so much of our family life reported on the internet?  And then there’s his potential reactions to my thoughts and feelings about parenthood; I know that it is perfectly normal for parents to have days when they are frustrated with parenthood, but does Tad really want to know everything that I think about him?  And even if I attempt to keep him from seeing this, it’s hard to predict what search engines or other technology will come along that could make it possible for him to find this blog in the future.

How weird is it that I want other people to read about my innermost thoughts, but that I would prefer that these people be strangers?  And isn’t it odd that I would prefer that my blog NOT become popular enough that people who I actually know might read it.  This internet thing is strange.



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4 responses to “Meta

  1. CJ

    My comment may be as long as a post, but I’ll try to keep it short.

    1.) Never write anything in a public forum you wouldn’t talk about in public or say to whoever it is you’re writing about. This includes Tad, even when he’s a teen or an adult.

    2.) WordPress is awesome in the sense that you can password protect certain posts (but then you have to turn people down when they ask.) It also allows you to write a post in DRAFT form, so you can have it to post later (or just to keep for yourself.)

    3.) People you don’t want to read will find you. Like my estranged mother. My son’s father. My ex husband. They deserve what they read, in my opinion.

    4.) Follow your heart!

    5.) If you want blog projects, let me know! I have a couple of 30 days ones on my blog, a same sex parenting one, etc. I can send you links, or you can find them under the “Blogging” category in my drop down box under Categories on the sidebar of my blog.

  2. Great advice from CJ! I concur. I just wanted to say hello and thanks so much for your comment today. This resonates with me, as questions like these sometimes stop me in my blogging tracks. Then, inevitably, I come back, because I love the sense of community it gives me. My blog has sort of morphed into my-life-as-non-bio-mom, since it feels like the best outlet for that, though I “allow” myself to write about other things, too. I share everything with my partner and feel strangest, actually, about posting things we haven’t discussed. But, it is an outlet, so that happens. Happily, though the anonymity does slip away in bits and pieces, I haven’t had anyone find it I didn’t want to. As for the babe’s thoughts on it – egads! I don’t know. As he gets older, I will reconsider, I guess. (The conundrum of many writers, as it turns out…Anne Lamott wrote something recently about her grown son’s thoughts on her years of writing about him…wish I could find it).

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And let me know if you find the Anne Lamont piece–I’d be very curious to read it (though it makes me feel old to think that her son could be a grown-up now!).

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